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Swindlers extorting money from drivers were caught in "Yallama".
On January 22, 2021, the official website of the State Customs Committee reported that offenders seeking to illegally obtain benefits worth 1.8 billion soums were exposed.
Swindlers extorting money from drivers were caught in

According to the report, in this case, uncovered by the staff of the Anti-Corruption and own security department and the Department for combating smuggling and customs audit of the State Customs Committee offenders had tried to get privileges for 1.8 billion soums by indicating two HOWO cars running on compressed gas as diesel-powered trucks in documents.

To do this, a group of people engaged in extortion around the border checkpoints "Yallama" and "S. Najimov" removed the gas cylinders of the vehicles, replaced them with fuel tanks and, of course, falsified documents.

Thus, when the vehicles entered the country through the border customs post "S.Najimov", vigilant and dedicated customs officers of the post immediately took the vehicles under customs control and notified the operatives.

During the registration process, it became known, with the help of special programs of the State Customs Committee and the information received from the Situational Center, as well as the identification marks of these trucks, that these trucks had previously been taken out of the country.

At present, cars worth 2 billion soums have been temporarily detained and a criminal case has been initiated by the customs authorities under Article 182 (2) (a) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

As part of the criminal case, a criminal group preparing forged documents for the import of foreign-made cars was detained during the operation carried out in cooperation with the relevant structures of the State Customs Committee and the State Security Service.



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