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The State Customs Committee held a meeting dedicated to the results of 2019 and plans for 2020
The State Customs Committee held a meeting dedicated  to the results of 2019 and plans for 2020

The staff of the State Customs Committee, regional administrations, the specialized customs complex "Tashkent-Aero", the National Cynology Center and the Customs Institute took part at this meeting.

The meeting outlined the priorities of the customs authorities and measures that should be taken in accordance with the Message of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the parliament.

At the event, held in the spirit of critical analysis, special attention was paid to the fight against corruption and the creation of an intolerant environment for this phenomenon in the customs authorities.

It was separately noted that customs payments in the amount of 17.1 trillion soums were collected for the State budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan. As a result, the forecast was overfulfilled on 115.5% or 2.3 trillion soums more than the plan.

Customs officers, as a result of measures taken in the field of combating smuggling and customs offenses, as well as customs inspection, revealed more than 16,400 offenses, as a result of which goods worth 193 billion 100 million soums were seized from illegal traffic.

In particular, as a result of operational measures taken in the field of ensuring economic security and combating smuggling and customs violations, the illegal movement of 81.1 kg of narcotics, 35 thousand 700 units of psychotropic tablets, 37 units of firearms, 50 kg. gunpowder, 3 million 800 thousand units of pyrotechnic products, 9 thousand 900 units of prohibited religious materials and goods worth 193 billion 100 million soums was suppressed.

The widespread adoption of digital technologies contributes to the effectiveness of state and public administration, the development of the social sphere, in a word, a radical improvement in people's lives.

The event listed a number of interactive services and information systems, as well as mobile versions of some interactive services that are being developed and are currently being implemented. In particular, in order to simplify customs clearance and control, 17 information systems and 10 interactive services were put into practice.

Currently, in order to reduce the time required for customs control of vehicles and trains moving through the border and railway customs posts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the border customs posts of our republic are gradually being provided with inspection complexes. In particular, border customs posts today are equipped with inspection complexes and technical equipment of 67 types, with the help of which 4 thousand 122 violations of customs legislation were revealed and 41.04 billion soums of goods were detained.

The introduction of a risk management system in the customs authorities during customs control which uses 4 corridors helped to reduce the number of customs procedures in customs control, improve its quality, optimize the use of existing facilities and funds, reduce the time spent on customs clearance and increase its efficiency. Using this system, the efficiency of detecting customs offenses increased by almost 4 times, the time of the customs clearance procedure in the export regime was reduced by 4.5 times, in the import regime by 2 times, the inspection efficiency was doubled, and the number of searches carried out was reduced by 1.7 times.

This allowed the Republic of Uzbekistan to rise 13 positions in the World Bank's "Doing Business" ranking. The country's rating upgrade was the result of government reforms aimed at liberalizing the economy, improving the business environment, and simplifying mechanisms for providing public services to entrepreneurs.

Also, the "Single Window" customs information system was separately noted, which was introduced in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 20, 2019 #PD-4525 "On measures to further improve the business environment and improve the system of supporting entrepreneurship in the country."

In accordance with the Decree, the introduction of the procedure for processing permissive documents and certificates required for export-import operations through the Single Window customs information system was envisaged from February 1, 2020, but it was launched in full operation from January 1 at http: / /

Significant work has been done in the field of international cooperation with foreign countries in the customs sphere. In 2019, 5 international agreements were signed, 6 major and important international events were held, foreign grants worth $ 1.7 million were attracted.

However, despite the results achieved, the meeting also noted the problematic issues that exist in the field.

At the event, held in the spirit of a critical analysis, a number of shortcomings existing in the system were discussed in detail, including the timely collection of additional customs payments, the correct calculation of customs value, which is crucial in calculating customs payments.

Also, the issues of forming an uncompromising environment against corruption in the system were deeply analyzed.

On the issues considered at the meeting, appropriate decisions were made.


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