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Increase in Exports - The Prosperity of the Country!
At present, important reforms are being implemented to expand and liberalize entrepreneurship in the country, attraction of foreign direct investments, increase of export potential of our products, elimination of bureaucratic barriers that impede the full development of export and investment, further improvement of the state support of entrepreneurs, creation of favorable conditions for them and their comprehensive support.

We can see positive changes in the case of Surkhandarya region. During the first 7 months of 2019, 7041 customs cargo declarations were registered by regional customs posts and increased by 594 or 9.2% compared to the same period last year. The share of exported goods in the region made up US $ 185.3 million and increased by US $ 104.5 million or 129.3% compared to the last year.
According to the analysis, growth of exported goods is mainly due to the increase in exports of the following goods:
legumes - $ 41.5 million;
yarn - $ 30.9 million;
copper concentrate - $ 19.7 million;
flour - 4.8 million US dollars;
cabbage - 4,3 million US dollars;
silk and cloth - $ 2.7 million;
cement - $ 2.2 million;
cherries - $ 2.1 million;
onions - $ 1.7 million.
The share of imported goods in the region for the first seven months of this year was $ 120.5 million, which is for $ 143.6 million or 54.3 percent less than the same period last year.
Of course, these achievements are the result of the attention being paid to the business entities by the state. The employees of the Customs Administration of Surkhandarya region also make their contribution in carrying out such reforms under the motto “Customs should support entrepreneurship”.


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