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An attempt to smuggle jewelry was exposed Operative news

Customs authorities are effectively combating the illicit trafficking of jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones.


The drug in "Damas" has been exposed Operative news

In Andijan, customs officers, in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, uncovered drug trafficking during an operational event.


Ammunition smuggled into the country through the international airport was detected in a timely manner Operative news

The customs authorities are regularly taking measures against the smuggling of firearms and ammunition.


The illicit movement of potent drugs has been prevented Operative news

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against the illicit trafficking of hard drugs in the country.


Customs officers identified a citizen who grew hashish in his garden Operative news

In our country, the cultivation, production, sale and consumption of drugs is prohibited by law, and the relevant articles of the Criminal Code provide criminal penalties.


Customs officers have put an end to the illicit trafficking of perfumes worth 8.5 billion soums Operative news

Systematic work is being carried out in our country to reduce the shadow economy. In particular, during the operation carried out by the staff of the Main Department for combating smuggling and customs audit of the State Customs Committee, the activities of a person who illegally stored perfumes of unknown quality were stopped.


Customs officers stopped a man trying to take out rare reptiles at Tashkent International Airport Operative news

According to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On protection and use of wildlife", the export of wild animals and their parts from the Republic of Uzbekistan is carried out on the basis of permits issued by the bodies of ecology and environmental protection. Wild animals and their parts caught in an attempt to be illegally removed shall be confiscated in the prescribed manner.


Nearly 701 mln. soums worth of not declared goods were exposed Operative news

Customs officers are timely preventing attempts to smuggle goods into the country.


A person trying to smuggle drugs through Tashkent International Airport has been detained Operative news

Customs officers are actively fighting against drug trafficking in our country.


An offender who had cultivated 157 bushes of hashish plants was exposed Operative news

Department of Combating smuggling and customs audit of the Kashkadarya regional customs administration stopped drug trafficking during the operational event “Qoradori-2021”.


Attempts to bring in counterfeit currencies were prevented by customs officers. Operative news

Attempts to smuggle counterfeit currency into the country by air were recently stopped by officers of the Combating smuggling and customs audit department of the "Tashkent-AERO" specialized customs complex.


Drug were hidden into the meat Operative news

Customs officers are actively fighting against drug trafficking in our country.


Customs officers prevented another case of illegal drug trafficking. Operative news

The customs authorities are constantly fighting against drug trafficking in the country.


Customs officers seized more than 4 kg of "hashish" and "opium" Operative news

The customs departments of Jizzakh and Samarkand regions, in cooperation with the State Security Service, prevented drug trafficking in Samarkand region.


Customs officers arrested a man who used himself as a "live container" to smuggle 423.4 gr. of opium. Operative news

The customs officers of the country are timely putting an end to attempts to smuggle drugs across the customs border.


New in documents, but old itself! Operative news

The scams aimed at abusing the benefits from customs duties introduced for special equipment are being put an end to in a timely manner.


Customs officers stopped a courier carrying 100 gr of opium in Turtkul. Operative news

The fight against drug trafficking by the customs authorities continues.


Drug couriers trying to sell more than 2.2 kg of "hashish" were detained Operative news

The customs officers of the country put an end to the next customs violation related to drug trafficking.


Our veterans - they deserve all the attention! Meetings and seminars

On the occasion of May 9 - the national holiday Day of Remembrance and Honor and the 76th anniversary of the victory in World War II, war veterans and the families of brave ones who sacrificed their lives for the peace of our country are being visited.


Customs officers stopped medicines worth 550 mln. soums the quality of which was not guaranteed Operative news

The customs officers of the country continue to take urgent measures to combat the illicit trafficking of drugs whose quality is not guaranteed.


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